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Pet Grooming by Fluff Cuts 

Fluff Cuts Grooming Salon Services
Grooming brings out the natural beauty of any dog. For best results  a regular grooming schedule should be established throughout the pets life, every  4-6 weeks. This allows both the owners and groomer to quickly notice subtle changes in your pets condition such as fleas, ticks, lumps, lesions etc. In order to keep your pets skin & coat healthy we recommend that besides professional grooming your pet should be combed at home on a regular basis. The coat should be combed down to the skin, loosening and removing flakes of dandruff and stimulating blood circulation. This encourages your pets natural oils and promotes healthy skin and coat.  Come in talk with Erin, so we can discuss what your pet needs on a regular basis. We look forward to meeting you and your furry friends.
We use all natural products.
Also we have flea & tick treatments available.
Any questions please do not hesitate to call us.

Pick-up & drop-off service available (limited area)
Pets are completed in approximately 2 hours. 
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This dog below is showing off our new line of feather add-ons. It adds a little something special for every day or a special event.